Well-Being Virtual Learning Series

Three Unique Programs—Individuals, Leaders, Teams

The current crisis is taking its toll on the primary components of Well-Being: health, connection, and
purpose. None of us can control the current situation but investing in employee emotional health and
Well-Being has never been more critical in order to alleviate fear, anxiety, and uncertainty. If this is a
marathon, Ask What Matters?! is your Gatorade®.

Take Charge of Your Total Well-Being, In Crisis and Beyond: A Program for Individuals

Fear for the health and safety of our families and ourselves is creating unprecedented levels of anxiety and worry. Many have the added pressure of working from home full-time while managing family dynamics of being under the same roof 24/7 and home schooling for the first time. In this workshop participants will:

  • Apply a pragmatic 5-step research-based framework to enhance your well-being
  • Assess whether you are spending your time and energy on what truly matters
  • Commit to one action to immediately improve your well-being

Leading for Well-Being During Crisis: A Program for Leaders

The Corona Virus pandemic is calling forth leaders of organizations in unprecedented ways. Stakeholders are looking for grounding, direction, and action. In this session you will be provided with practical tools and approaches to:

  • Be the calm in the storm and take action
  • Prioritize and communicate constantly
  • Exhibit and promote self-care practices

Well-Being for Teams: Generating Unified Purpose, Health, and Connection— Now More Than Ever

Crisis presents an opportunity for teams to unleash their potential like never before. Maintaining Individual and collective well-being is critical to sustainable success. In this session teams will be equipped to:

  • Promote productivity and positivity in crisis
  • Identify individual needs and those of the team as a whole
  • Reprioritize goals and take action in the short term

Each program consists of a 60-minute instructor-led virtual session delivered by professional coaches
David Garten and Paul Sherman based on their groundbreaking book, Ask What Matters?! A Practical
Approach to Your Total Well-Being


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