While stress-management, mindfulness, and other wellness programs have become commonplace in today’s organizations, they are just a small subset of the tools that contribute to total well-being. Well-Being encompasses all aspects of a person’s life including purpose (career and other passions), health (physical and financial) and connection (personal relationships and community).



The Ask What Matters?! Jumpstart is a 60-minute, highly interactive live group learning session designed to increase total well-being through hands-on experience with the Ask What Matters?! Framework. The session:

  • requires minimal time away from work
  • is efficient, economical, and highly practical
  • can be delivered in person or virtually using the latest in web-based instructional technology

In this workshop participants:

  • explore the critical components of well-being, how it differs from wellness, and how to create it in their lives
  • identify well-being derailers
  • gain proficiency in a well-being assessment tool for continued use beyond the workshop
  • network and learn from peers who are facing similar challenges

Participants leave the session having committed to at least one short term action to improve their well-being.

Each Participant receives a copy of Ask What Matters?! A Practical Approach To Your Total Well-Being. The book contains a collection of tools and case studies that allow for a deeper immersion into improving well-being.


Jumpstart Your Path to Total Well-Being

This program is your recommended starting point in the Ask What Matters?! learning series. It introduces the concept of Well-Being and provides hands-on experience with the Ask What Matters?! Framework for Total Well-Being.  In this interactive 60-minute instructor-led virtual workshop you will:

  • Determine your current level of stress and Well-Being
  • Pinpoint focus areas for improving Well-Being
  • Recognize and address your personal barriers to Well-Being
  • Assess whether you are spending your time and energy on the things you have set as priorities
  • Apply a pragmatic 5-step research-based framework to enhance Well-Being
  • Identify and commit to one action to immediately improve your Well-Being

Letting Go of Unwanted Perfectionism

Is your perfectionism getting the better of you? Causing you undue stress? Taking away your sense of fulfillment? Impacting your relationships at work and/or at home? In this interactive 60-minute instructor-led virtual workshop you will:

  • Examine the distinction between constructive vs. destructive perfectionism
  • Explore and address drivers of perfectionistic behavior
  • Learn to identify when you are in the midst of an unproductive perfectionistic episode
  • Apply practical tools for disrupting detrimental perfectionistic behavior once it’s underway
  • Discover how to prevent unproductive perfectionistic behavior from starting in the first place

Take Charge: Juggling Work, Home, and Other Competing Priorities

Are you spread too thin and don’t have enough time to keep up? Is your emotional and/or physical health and well-being suffering as a result of too many commitments and others’ expectations?  In this interactive 60-minute instructor-led virtual workshop you will learn to:

  • Take charge of the competing priorities in your life
  • Become less reactive to daily circumstances, situations and others’ expectations
  • Reclaim authority over your life and make empowered choices that reflect the different priorities in your life
  • Engage in co-creative conversations to create mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Set limits to ensure your well-being and effectiveness

Power-up: Practical Approaches for Accessing and Maintaining Energy and Engagement

Are you burning the candle at both ends? Looking for greater consistency in your energy throughout your day (and night)? Fallen into habits that do not serve? In this interactive 60-minute instructor-led virtual workshop you will learn to: 

  • Identify and overcome your energy drainers
  • Develop habits and rituals to restore vitality and focus
  • Leverage your strengths and sense of purpose to enhance your energy
  • Engage allies to support your Well-Being
  • Create positivity and reduce negativity in yourself and others

Enlisting Allies: How to Increase Performance by Asking for Help

Are you reluctant to ask for help from others? Are you concerned about being seen as weak, needy, burdensome, or incompetent?   Guess what? You are wrong!  The research shows that asking for help not only benefits you, but also the person who helps you.  In this interactive 60-minute instructor-led virtual workshop you will learn to:

  • Discover your obstacles to asking for help and how to overcome them
  • Identify situations where you can benefit from asking for help
  • Create an inventory of allies who can provide you with assistance
  • Leverage your strengths to offer your help to others
  • Engage allies regularly to support your Well-Being
What Matters?! @ Work Workshops

The What Matters?! @ Work Workshops allow individuals within organizations to explore approaches for thriving in today’s environment. Focus placed on navigating competing personal and work-related priorities.

Behavior change happens over time, it’s a journey. All of our engagements are tailored to the specific needs and culture of the company. Our overall Well-Being Journey engages all members and levels of the organization: Executives, Leaders, All Employees. Choose the best path for your organization.

Executive Overviews – Throughout the journey executives will be engaged in the business imperative of well-being, garnering their support for promoting a culture of well-being. Ask What Matters?! provides status, insights, and recommendations regarding the organization’s Well-Being journey. (30-60 minute live virtual)

Wake up

Assessment – We begin the journey by administering a research-based evaluation to measure the five dimensions of well-being. With this as a baseline assessment, participants set their well-being goals for the journey ahead.

Leader Readiness – Leaders are provided an overview of the Well-Being Journey from their perspective. Expectations of the critical role of people managers in the success of the initiative are clearly articulated. (30-minute live virtual)

Jumpstart – The well-being journey begins by alerting participants to their current level of stress and where they can improve their well-being. The session creates awareness of the daily choices made and how the actions they take impact their total well-being. (60-minute in person or live virtual)


Leadership Session– People managers are equipped with the skills, tools and resources to promote well-being with individuals and teams. (three-hour in person)

Leaders will leave knowing how to:

  • Regularly incorporate the topic of well-being in conversations with individuals and teams
  • Recognize the early signs of burnout in their people
  • Model well-being behavior

Well-Being Team Immersion – This team coaching intensive builds the ongoing performance capacity by equipping the team with tools, knowledge and skills that enhance focus, alignment, and commitment in the context of improving well-being. (three-hour in person)

Skills Training Clinics – Participants develop proficiency in the five practices and five mindsets of the Ask What Matters?! Framework for Total Well-being. Identification and development of personal practices, habits, and tools to promote and enhance well-being. (three, 60-minute live virtual sessions)


Action Learning Laboratories – Participants apply the Ask What Matters?! skills and practices to real time situations. Each session is framed within a specific business context (i.e. managing up down and across, resilience to change, time and your relationship to it). Laboratory context can be tailored to any current client need. (Each session 90-minute live virtual)


Reinforcement Toolkits – Participants choose from a library of tools and resources to improve and maintain their Well-Being. Examples include:


  • 21 Day Micro-Learning Activities
  • Online Community
  • Book Club
  • Personal Assessments
  • Videos
  • Success Stories
  • Interactive Games to share with friends and family
  • Articles related to life milestones
Well-Being Mastery: At Work, At Home, In Life

Part education, part personal coaching, this 3 month live virtually-delivered program provides participants with hands-on experience to develop the practices, tools, and mindsets of the What Matters?! Framework for Total Well-Being.

The program consists of:

  • Six 90 minute sessions, each focused on learning a component of the What Matters?! Framework.
  • One hour of private coaching to set personal objectives for the program and to help participants integrate the learning and skills into their daily life.
  • An intimate supportive learning group of like-minded peers on a similar quest to enhance well-being.
  • Access to a private on-line community for support, sharing, and interaction.

Participants develop skills, habits and tools that will allow them to:

  • Show up at their best in all aspects of their life
  • Monitor their well-being and course correct where necessary
  • Identify and curtail negative thinking and unproductive behaviors
  • Ask for help and offer help to others
  • Reduce stress and increase energy
  • Increase confidence and presence
  • Share the What Matters?! framework with others

Teams exist to produce results. However, if getting these results sucks the life out of the team, we think there’s a problem. Don’t you? What Matters?! Team Coaching focuses on building a team’s capacity to hold itself mutually accountable for accomplishing tangible outcomes over time, while doing so in a way that promotes an affirming and constructive work climate. Who knew that productivity and positivity were not mutually exclusive! Specifically, the team coaching process:

  • Evaluates the current state of the team using an anonymous web-based assessment
  • Facilitates a candid team dialogue regarding team strengths and vulnerabilities
  • Identifies and resolves communication roadblocks that inhibit team performance
  • Envisions the desired state of the team and develops a roadmap for getting there
  • Develops a set of operating agreements for how the team will work together
  • Builds trust among the members of the team
  • Creates a mindset that takes the focus off of individual team members’ one-to-one relationships and shifts it to the team as a collective entity

Leadership begins with leading oneself. Leading oneself starts with knowing What Matters?! to you. Whether you manage a small team or a large organization, are an individual contributor or aspire to lead people, What Matters?! Executive Coaching will help you to operate from a grounded state that brings out the best in yourself and your colleagues. What Matters?! Executive Coaching provides individuals with the opportunity to:

  • Create a solid foundation of well-being and leadership through a structured process of self-discovery
  • Articulate the vision and strategy for your organization
  • Develop the skills to lead others in delivering on your organization’s goals
  • Gain insight into your strengths and developmental areas through extensive stakeholder feedback
  • Develop habits and practices to enhance your leadership, reduce stress and increase well-being
  • Strengthen your relationships with others
  • Achieve business results in an way that is inspiring and sustainable

Leveraging our extensive background in experiential workshop design, we will happily work with you to design and deliver offsite meetings ranging in size from small teams to large departments. These sessions supplement the What Matters?! material with customized interactive activities featuring content from your business agenda.


Invite us to speak at your next event! Our talks can range from readings from our book “Ask What Matters?! A Practical Approach To Your Total Well-Being” to full keynotes that introduce the What Matters?! framework for helping to navigate the overwhelming nature of today’s world.


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