I knew, at a very young age that I would be living a full life, at least that is what my dynamic mother and other powerful and insightful woman instilled in me.   I’ve followed a path that at each step of the way brings me great joy and learning regardless of the challenges along the way!! 

 As a senior business leader I have built a stellar reputation in developing strong partnerships with all levels of leadership and key stakeholders as a connector, communicator, idea generator, strategy executor and builder of human performance. Helping companies grow and those that lead them be their best selves. During my 25-year career, I have partnered with leaders in a broad range of global firms to capture and grow market share and build top performance.  I pride myself in developing skills and behaviors that leverage personal strengths, build competencies that benefit individuals and their teams and help create a “climate” that drives human and company performance.  I have had the privilege of leading teams and working with good and not so good managers.   What I know to be true is that environments led by people asking themselves “What Matters?” and demanding the same from their teams are healthier, happier, more productive.  Period.  Why wouldn’t we all want more of that? 

In all of my roles, I have connected solutions to problems, created and leveraged a strong network, created marketing and branding strategies to successfully grow companies, and harnessed teams that have executed on those strategies to contribute to the organization’s overall success.

My personal passions are many and always in support of those less advantaged than me.  I’ve found ways to serve numerous communities with my interests and abilities to help them achieve success – however they choose to define it! 

 Asking What Matters – every day is something I feel I’ve done but never had a formal “framework” to follow.  I live most days with my eyes wide open and being aware of my needs and those around me and have been blessed with an amazing life.  I love what I do!  

 I joined Ask What Matters to spread the word to as many people as possible.  I believe leveraging these practices and mindsets will help people live the life they were destined to live. 

 My motivation comes from knowing that the work I do with clients around building healthy and meaningful habits and capabilities for individuals, diverse teams and organizations has a significant impact — taking performance to the next level.”  All by asking “What Matters?!”



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