What Matters?! offers a variety of workshop and coaching services for individuals, organizations, families, and communities. All offerings have one overarching goal---to help people, both individually and collectively, to be their best selves by focusing on What Matters?!

Corporate Offerings

What Matters?! @ Work Workshops
The What Matters?! @ Work Workshops allow individuals within organizations to explore approaches for thriving in today’s hectic pace and navigating competing personal and work-related priorities. The sessions can be delivered to either intact work teams or groups of participants from throughout an organization. Each workshop can be customized to incorporate the sponsoring organization’s mission, culture, and existing employee development offerings, so as to help align individual and organizational goals.

Multiple formats that scale up to 100 participants include:

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Team Coaching

Teams exist to produce results. However, if getting these results sucks the life out of the team, we think there’s a problem. Don't you? What Matters?! Team Coaching focuses on building a team’s capacity to hold itself mutually accountable for accomplishing tangible outcomes over time, while doing so in a way that promotes an affirming and constructive work climate. Who knew that productivity and positivity were not mutually exclusive! Specifically, the team coaching process:

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Individual Corporate Coaching

Leadership begins with leading oneself. Leading oneself starts with knowing What Matters?! to you. Whether you manage a small team or a large organization, are an individual contributor or aspire to lead people, What Matters?! Individual Coaching will help you to operate from a grounded state that brings out the best in yourself and your colleagues. What Matters?! Corporate Coaching provides individuals with the opportunity to:

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Customized Retreats and Facilitation

Leveraging our extensive background in experiential workshop design, we will happily work with you to design and deliver offsite meetings ranging in size from small teams to large departments. These sessions supplement the What Matters?! material with customized interactive activities featuring content from your business agenda.

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Community and Faith Based Organizations

One of the key differentiators with the What Matters?! approach compared with other self-help programs is its focus on shared learning and community. Specifically in the Reach Out practice we urge people to not only ask for help, but also to offer your help to others.

We would love to work with you and whatever community or faith-based organization that you may belong to. We can customize our workshops to incorporate the mission of your organization. In regard to faith based organizations we have successfully collaborated with religious leaders to tailor the workshop to reflect specific religious and spiritual teachings.

Examples of Community and Faith based services include:

Well-Being Fundamentals

Part education, part personal Coaching, the 6-week live remote program provides you with hands-on experience to develop the practices, tools, and mindsets of the What Matters?! Framework for you to live a fully engaged life with purpose, health, and connection.

The fundamentals program includes:

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Personal Coaching

Want to lead your best life? Feeling stressed? Uncertain about your path forward? On the right track and want to stay there? What Matters?! personal coaching services are here to support you. Working with your What Matters?! coach you’ll:

While we recommend a minimum three-month coaching process, one-time sessions are also available. No need to worry about where you are located. We work with people from across the globe. Coaching takes place via phone, Skype, Webex, or other similar virtual platforms.

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Speaking Services

Invite us to speak at your next event! Our talks can range from readings from our recently released book “Ask What Matters?! A Practical Approach To Your Total Well-Being” to full keynotes that introduce the What Matters?! framework for helping to navigate the overwhelming nature of today’s world.

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