“Comparison is the death of joy.” - Mark Twain

Your Well-Being Jumpstart

6 Live Weekly 90 Minute Webinars Over 12 Weeks, 12:00pm-1:30pm Eastern


Your Well-Being Jumpstart

What Does the Program Consist of?

      • Six 90 minute sessions, each focused on learning a component of the What Matters?! Framework. 
      • One hour of private coaching to set personal objectives for the program and to help you integrate the learning and skills into your daily life.  
      • An intimate supportive learning group of like-minded peers on a similar quest to enhance well-being.  
      • Access to a private on-line community for support, sharing, and interaction.
What Will I Learn?

      • Learn to make choices (both the small daily ones and big life ones) for living a vibrant, fully engaged life.
      • Reduce stress. 
      • Learn to develop your own support network to enhance your well-being.  
      • Be who you want to be, not who others think you should be.
      • Discover what truly fulfills you.
If You Can Say "Yes" to One of the Following Questions This Program is Ideal for You

      • Are you looking for more fulfillment? 
      • Are you stressed?  
      • Are you juggling multiple competing priorities?  
      • Are you facing a life transition?
      • Are you feel too busy?
Program Tuition: 

      • $1,150 including all materials

"The What Matters?! framework helped me take a step back and assess the priorities in my life. It helped me pinpoint where I'm on track and where I need to focus my energy without judgement or blame. I feel more in control of what I choose to say "yes" to and just as important what to say "no" to. The What Matters?! program is pragmatic and empowering."    Stacie S, Pasadena, CA


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