Robin Williams' Death

by Paul Sherman

When David and I developed the What Matters?! model (, we did so with the intention of eradicating needless suffering in the world. As I contemplate Robin Williams' death, I feel called upon to scream to the world the What Matters?! practice that we call “Reach Out." ( It could literally save your life. Perhaps Mr. Williams would still be with us today had he been able to force himself to verbalize to another the dark place in which he found himself. For many of us, it is at our most stressed, lonely and desperate times that we tend to pull inward. We become turtles hiding from the world. We pull the covers over our head and hit the snooze button another time. We ignore the ringing phone even tho  Read More→


This past Christmas my 85 year old dad suffered a bout of pneumonia and congestive heart failure. After a weeklong hospital stay we moved him to a recuperative facility to try to get him back on his feet. After multiple attempts at physical therapy, ten days later he requested that additional treatment be withheld. His body, having been ravaged with Parkinson’s disease, could no longer fight. Without further intervention we knew that it would only be a matter of time before the pneumonia and congestive heart failure would return and ultimately cause his death. Despite these consequences that was the choice he made. The doctors initially told us that it would only be a matter of days, certainly no more than a week or two before he would pass. While I was extremely sad that he   Read More→