Break Your Groundhog Day Cycle!

by Paul Sherman

Come on now.  Tell the truth.  It's just us. Why are you living your own version of Groundhog Day?

Maybe it’s that one friend who continues to suck the life out of you and you keep going back for more. Perhaps it's the boss from hell who you are hoping will magically have a personality transplant. How about that series of extreme diets that have you going up and down like a yo-yo? Or that broken commitment to get off email at least one night a week after dinner. What about that decent night’s sleep you keep promising yourself? Or “date night” with your spouse? How many more little league games are you going to miss?

Here’s a 5-point plan you can start right now to love your life again.

1. Remember, you always have a choice

Choices have consequences (some positive and some negative). Stop and Ask What Matters. Make time once a month - even for 15 minutes - to ask yourself these three questions CLICK HERE

2. Practice self-honesty

Self honesty is telling the unvarnished truth about yourself to yourself even if that truth is uncomfortable for you (or anybody else for that matter). Be honest with yourself about the things you’ve been avoiding in your life.

Envision the potential consequences of your actions remembering not to overestimate the negative ones (we are wired to do so). Then, decide what choices you will make to live YOUR best life.

3. Be an octopus — don’t go it alone.

Once you've decided about the choices you want to make and the associated actions, reach out your tentacles. In other words tell someone and ask them to hold you accountable. You are much more likely to follow through.  And, if you are feeling overwhelmed with all that is on your plate, ask for assistance. People actually want to help!

4. Take imperfect action

Don’t wait for the stars to be perfectly aligned before you take action to live in accordance with what matters to you.  Do SOMETHING to get started! No need to get it right nor boil the ocean. It’s okay to start small and course correct along the way. 

5.   And last, but certainly not least…

Rent or buy Ground Hog Day. Because sometimes choosing a humorous mindset can help you get started! You’ll be glad you did!

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