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Connecting with family, friends and people you meet in a meaningful way...
Finding work whether professional or voluntary that is purposeful...
Learning, growing...recognizing that ultimately life is all about the journey...
Using one's strengths/talents to help others or add value to the world...

Andrea Mail Florida United States

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What matters most is not leaving anything or anyone out. Love matters too. And peanut butter. Compassion matters, especially with oneself. The space in between matters. And rainbows. It matters that children smile and grown ups listen...deeply. The silent voice within matters and all it has to say in the music and the magic and the prose. Dancing matters too. It matters to know that you are good enough, even better, that you are perfect, regardless. Nature matters. Puffy white clouds that tell a story matter. Daring to be messy and make mistakes matters. And saying, I'm sorry. And sleep. Food (especially dessert!) matters...for the soul and the belly. Daring to dream matters. Sunny days on a beach matter. And surprises. And a few other things :)

jody New Jersey United States

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ALL these years later, what really matters is knowing that this is true: "the stress" of today WILL fade and will mean nothing tomorrow. Really. So don't waste any time on it. Instead, do this: Find the person and people who give you return-on-energy (they deposit more than they withdraw) and the bank account of your life will not only balance, it will always be full. Really.

Eleanor Florida United States

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is that we do the right thing. This often means listening to those gentle knocks that come from within while we remain stuck in our day to day chores to pay our bills. Knocks that direct us to take up our passions even if it means lack of security, high risks and looking unstable in the eyes of those around us. What matters is that we do things that can inspire our 2 years old child and our 70 years old parents. They should feel good about our actions. They should smile at us and celebrate with us the idea that life is too precious to be spent on just bread and butter issues, and rent,and credit card bills. Life demands that we go beyond ourselves, and do stuff which has our heart's calling. No matter what. And make these galaxies appear tiny before the goodness of good work that must be done.

Syed None India

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Taking care of my mother and coordinating her care so that she can live in the place she has called home for more than forty years.  Teaching my girls that as a family we take care of each other.

Catherine Arizona United States

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Spending my retirement years volunteering in the school system that I worked in my entire career in order for the children to have a robust music and theatre arts program.

Liz New York United States

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Being a good father, husband, and son. Helping to mentor my colleagues at work and doing my part to make my community a better place to live.

Morgan Tennessee United States

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What Matters?! to me is the realization that work, status, and material possessions are nothing compared to the lasting and loving relationships we all have. And the realization that even being the proud grandmother of  9 grandchildren I can still fit into my skinny jeans ;)

Terri California United States

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Daily happiness. A meaningful job.

Tessie California United States

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